What fruits are you bearing?

Christians are known by the kind of fruits they bear. While giving an exhortation, Jesus pronounces in verses 15 - 20 of Matthew chapter 7, that the fruit produced by a tree is an indication of the type of tree it is. Just the way He said that a bad tree cannot bear a good tree is the same way that an apple tree cannot produce oranges.

It is not about how long you've been attending church or ticking the box Christian on the Religion field, it is about how well you've been a Christian. Do you harken unto His voice? Do you do that which Jesus has commanded you to do? Do you fear God? Do the things that move God,move you? The homeless people you saw today, did you even stop to ask them what they wanted to eat or what you can do for them? Do you love your neighbour as yourself...?

Let's take some time out this evening and pounder on these things. 

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