Fola & Wura

Fola and Wura met when both of them were at individual crossroads in 1996.

At this time, Fola had to decide to settle in a city he never wanted to live, and was earnestly seeking to know his purpose in life.


Fola, had earlier committed his heart to the Lord in December 1986.

“I prayed, God, if you are real then reveal yourself to me…and I promise to serve you for the rest of my life” . This captures Fola’s story and walk to date.


Wura had a conversion experience in 1993 on her sick bed in hospital where she made a vow to dedicate her whole life to Jesus. In 1995, her plans to relocate to the UK, her country of birth, was frustrated and delayed. Disappointed, discouraged and praying, she later understood the delay was a divine set up to meet her husband, marry and relocate to the UK to both serve as missionaries.


Fola and Wura met in 1996, while in the same city and married 1998.

Fola, Wura and their two sons started prayer and bible study meetings in Liverpool in their small living room in 2003, this family fellowship grew into the local Church – Love Assembly, Liverpool.


Together with a dedicated team of Christians, they serve in leadership of the local church reaching out to the city of Liverpool and Merseyside region of the UK.