We will be having a Movie Night in April 2019. Date, Time and venue will be announced soon.

All our services will be temporarily holding throughout March 2019 at:
Crawford House, Gwent Street L8 8DN
Bus routes:
Buses 75, 80A, 86, 86A, 27 from city centre
Bus 26 from Anfield/Kensington, Crosfield area

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Holy Emotions – Biblical Responses to Every Challenge

This month of March, we’ve been having joint family services. Theme: Giant Slaying Faith
Group sessions will resume in April.

Overcoming the fear of failure

Overcoming the fear of failure 

The one thing that made me feel alive was the race. The sprinting, the adrenaline rush. It was like a drug to my pain, to my sad reality. I knew I was good, especially with the constant compliments I got. ‘Steve you were born for this’ my friends would say. Those compliments showed their great confidence in me. The proof? It  was their request for me to try out for the Olympics this year. But I was scared, what if I fail everyone? or even myself? I wasn’t ready for that kind of disappointment. At least that’s how I felt till that particular Sunday. ‘Failure is not fatal’ the pastor’s words rang in my ears. So I made the decision, I applied for the tryouts. Even if I fail, I can rise up again.
Bridget A. 17/03/2019

Overcoming your fear

Overcoming your fear

Fear, these four letters words have followed Ada her entire life. Ever since Ada was little, she has always wanted to be a singer; she would sing in the shower, sing for her friends and family but never in front of an audience because she had stage fright. One day, there was a talent show in her school and her friends encouraged her to go for it which she did. Ada went on stage and sang to the crowd however she didn’t win, but that being said, the fact that she conquered her fear was a victory itself.
Toyin A. 10/03/2019

It is not about your feelings

It’s not about your feelings

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I held my phone in my hands as Tola’s words ran through my head. ‘I find you really ugly’. Every time I remembered what she said I flinched because that was the meanest thing anyone had ever said to me. She had apologised immediately but her words had hurt so much that I could not even bring myself to forgive her. I still do not feel like forgiving her, but my mum’s words keep ringing in my ears ‘It’s not about your feelings my love, it’s about what you have to do’. So, I picked up my phone, and dialled Tola’s number, she picked up on the first ring. ‘I forgive you’ I said.
Bridget A. 03/03/2019

Come to the Table

Come to the Table

It was Christmas Eve and little Ayo jumped up from his bed, excited and blissful for the next day to come, because he knew of all the food he would eat and the fun he would have. He hurried up to the dining table, peeked into the kitchen and at the sight of the food being prepared he realized that it was too much for the people in the house. Then Little Ayo got an idea in his head, approached his father and asked him if they could bring more people to their dinner. And all were invited including the poor, rich, disabled, male and female. Little Ayo was content.
Toyin A.24/02/2019


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    "God created me to do His good works  and reveal Himself through me."

    Ifunanaya E.
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    "My life will always belong to God, He wants me to do good..."

    Joshua O.
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    "I have a choice in my hands to follow the way of salvation, which will light my path and purpose"

    Dorcas F.