Team Overview

The Hospitality Team welcomes everyone who comes in to Love Assembly. We work very hard to put a smile on the faces of all our members and visitors. From cordial greetings at the entrance, to creating a nice cup of tea; we make sure that all members and visitors have a wonderful experience at Love Assembly.


At the heart of what we do is our mission to see people from all nations in the unity of the faith and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!



To ensure that all our members and visitors have a memorable and hospitable experience.

We are driven by who we are at our core: Love Assembly! It’s in the name.



Our activities include greeting everyone warmly from the car park and entrance, making sure everyone is engaged and no one feels unwelcome or isolated, serving refreshments to visitors and members and sending messages to members and visitors on behalf of the church.

To connect with us or be a part of our Team, please kindly contact us via our social media platforms: alternatively you can speak to Ayo or Pastor Fola.

Team Lead: Ayo