Project Overview

Love Food Hate Waste aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action. It shows that by doing some easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.


The goal of LA Love Food Hate Waste  project is to minimise the number of food that goes in the bin and to feed the less privileged in our community.

To do this by:

  1. Partnering with supermarkets such as Tesco and some other stores who provide us with groceries that are still within consumption date (keeping good food out of the bin);

  2. Supporting families who are less privileged with the food given to us;

  3. Feeding the homeless in our city;

  4. Educating each household on how to reduce the wastage of food and making use of their leftovers to recreate a new meal;

  5. Building a culture of loving food and hating waste within our community.

You can also visit the Love Food Hate Waste project website

To partner with us please send us an email:

Project Lead: Debbie