Project Overview

We are a team of mature students and professionals from different disciplines across the arts and sciences. We have been able to progress academically and professionally. So we know how hard it can be trying to achieve academic or professional ambitions and we are here to help.


We provide:

  • 1 to 1 academic and professional support/counselling;

  • Information on different topics related to academic and professional support through seminars, presentations and so on;

  • Information on academic and professional opportunities.

We are completely committed to helping you in any way we can. Please work with us by getting in touch as soon as you start to struggle. Don’t wait till things get really bad before you get in touch.


All we want is to see students and professionals in our community, excelling in their chosen fields.


Three things drive us: excellence, empathy and teamwork.


If you would like to reach us, send us an email at