Team Overview

Welcome! The Love Assembly Worship Team also known as LA Worship.


Our vision is to be a team of people of all nations worshipping together, in songs of every language, tribe and tongue discipled into the unity of the faith and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Our mission is to lead the congregation into deeper worship, bringing God’s people to His throne.

We do this

  • By first being worshippers at heart, modelling a life of worship in everything we do that will bring glory to God (Col 3:16-17; 1 Cor 10:31) and being enthusiastic and passionate for the Lord (1 Tim 4:12-16).

  • By being instruments worthy of His use, united, loving and serving together in our common purpose (2 Tim 2:20-21; Col 1:10; 2 Chron 5:13).

  • By growing in our walk with God through prayer, instruction (Rom 15:14) and encouragement (1Thess 5:11; Heb 10:24; Heb 3:13).

  • By being excellent (doing things well; Dan 6:3; Gal 6:9); producing skilful, high quality music.

  • By writing our own music, learning new songs and instruments and teaching these songs to the congregation (Ps 40:3; 33:3; 96:1; 1 Sam 1:18).



Rehearsals are on Saturday evenings at 6:00pm in the church hall, unless otherwise announced.



We are occasionally invited to minister at events and outreaches. Our culture applies at these times as well. We also hang out as a team.



We constantly seek to expand our worship team. Anyone interested in serving is encouraged to set up an appointment with the team leader. New members will be placed on a probationary period before singing or playing with the worship team, in order to learn the songs and style of music and most importantly, build a relationship with the team members.

Team Lead: Sapphire