I love how the Philips translation defines faith in Hebrews 11:1:

“Now faith means putting our full confidence in the things we hope for, it means being certain of the things we cannot see.”

From the above text, we can see that the key that unlocks the treasure house and enjoying all the provisions of the gospel of Jesus Christ is Faith (believe) Romans 1:16-17. This is the Key we use to sustain ourself in life (the just shall live by faith) Romans 10:17. This means that faith is not just simply applied or used to acquire things or getting things done for ourselves and others, faith is a lifestyle – it is living in obeisance to God’s instructions (word). This is also called faithfulness or being faithful to God. We need faith in both our walk with God and in getting things done. Not to walk in Faith is walking in rebellion.


In our world, today that is full of so many uncertainties, challenges, fears, pestilences etc how should we live? By faith or by sight? Should we live in unbelief, doubts, fears or should we live by faith (absolute dependence on God’s spoken word regardless)?


There is only one-way faith comes; by hearing (and keep hearing) Gods word Romans 10:17. Sadly people have faith in many things or people but God making their expectations to be shaped by possibilities of other person’s experience in life and/or their personal experiences. We should put our faith in Him because He is reliable and faithful.


Let’s draw lessons from the spies in Numbers 13:25; 14:1-25 as we discuss faith (belief) and doubts (unbelief). Points from Caleb, Joshua and the other spies:


  1. Faith trusts God in the face of obvious problems. Unbelief conquers you before the problem defeats you, on the other hand, Faith sees victory before you surmount the problem – Consider Caleb, Joshua and the other spies. Numbers 13:31-32; Numbers 13:30.

  2. Faith takes God at His word, but unbelief’s perceptions have greater convictions in the reality of the circumstance than that of God’s word. Faith does not subject the word of God to intellectual analysis. It takes God at His word. Numbers 13:33, Numbers 14:9.

  3. What has greater influence over your mind and choices will either move you forward or backwards. For the 10 spies, unbelief had a greater influence whereas for Caleb and Joshua faith had a greater influence. Numbers 14:24.

  4. Faith sees opportunities not setbacks because it is backed up by God. Numbers .14:9.

  5. Faith does not seek the commendation or approval of men; it is not afraid to stand alone as long as it is standing with God. Numbers 14:9.


In summary, faith means throwing your weight on Him absolutely and completely. Faith’s assurance is set upon the unalterable word of God. (Numbers 23:19; Job 23:13; Ezekiel 12:25; Isaiah 46:10-11; 14:24; Psalm  89:34-36; Matthew 24:35).


The article is written by Ify Chinemerem
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