Dear Noah,


As you step out of the Ark into the new earth:


“Release The Raven, But Don’t Forget The Dove!”




Noah spent over a year under ‘lockdown’ in the Ark (1 Year & 2 Months).
He probably studied and understood the birds and animals, especially two particular birds:

1. The Raven (Flesh eating, unclean bird)

2. The Dove (Clean bird, eating cereals, grains, leafy greens, vegetables etc)


Noah chose these two specific birds to check out the situation on the new earth before stepping out of the Ark.


First, he sent out the Raven, but the Raven did not return to Noah, but kept flying to and fro on the earth.


The earth by this time must have been flooded with human and animal flesh remains.
(Remember the flood killed every living human being and all living things).


Afterwards, Noah sent out the Dove, which returned to Noah in the Ark.


Then over another couple of days, he kept sending out the Dove, back and forth…till the Dove flew away into the earth. That gave the signal it was time to step out of the Ark into the new earth.


Like Noah, let’s release, let go of the “Flesh” (Raven) out of our lives, never to return. Let the flesh and it’s works never return (Galatians 5:17-21), let’s step out with a New Heart into the New Earth.


Let’s follow the leading of the Spirit (Dove), and never depart from following the Spirit into the new earth.


Dear Noah, the “Dove” flew into the earth and didn’t return into the Ark, but returned through Jesus into our hearts.


Always remember to follow the Dove.


Don’t Forget The Leading of the Holy Spirit (Dove).


(Next Instructions: “Don’t Forget The Altar For Burnt Offerings!”)


©Wordspired – Fola Olaoye

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