It is quite difficult for most of us to imagine our lives without Google. It has actually become a verb when people say “have you Googled the answer? “. Technology has given us answers to most problems where we can check stuff on apps, buy things online, hold meetings online etc. But what do we do when we face problems that even tech can’t solve?


Many of us look to our friends and family for help when we are stuck. That’s certainly not wrong but what happens when nobody can help you? There’s a profound principle God tells us about when it comes to finding solutions to life’s problems. It runs counterintuitive to what we are used to. He tells us to look for the solution within the problem. When we find Him, we find the answer.


In 1 Samuel 30, we read a story of David. He and his army had been raided while they were away and his men were becoming rebellious. The answer to this problem was in David seeking the will of God. He did this and got answers, went after the looters and was victorious.


In Daniel 2, the king was going to kill Daniel and all the royal advisers if they could not tell him his dream and interpret it. The answer was in Daniel asking God for the answer. This pattern repeats itself throughout the bible.


So, we see that God often allows problems that make us seek Him out so that we not only get answers specific for that problem but in doing this, we develop our character and new habits that make us more effective Christians. What this does, is that it takes away our focus from external help and even from the problem itself and makes us look for God in the situation. God’s answers may direct us to other sources but we would then know that we are being led by God and not just our human reasoning.


So, for instance, faced with a financial problem like debt, our first instincts might be to look for a loan but the solution may be that God wants to change your spending habits and in addressing that you get the debt written off. So, the problem then was not the amount of money you owed but your knowledge or attitude towards money.


Someone could be having an obesity problem that medications are not really helping. Rather than pestering your GP, God may want you to be more yielded to the Holy Spirit by allowing Him to work on your self-discipline with your eating habits.


Virtually any problem we face in life, even with the aftermath of the COVID- 19 crisis for instance, if we try looking at it from God’s perspective, we will often find the answer is couched within the problem and we need to open our hearts to God as He helps us through it by working in us.


God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1


The article was written by Dr Uche Ubakukoh


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