A young innocent bride on her way to the altar.  A serial offender and killer.  A seasoned craftsman.  What might you say do these 3 individuals have to do with our topic of discussion?  Come along with me…

The dictionary meaning of intercept is to obstruct someone or something to prevent them from continuing to a destination.  Many people do not do well with interceptions; me inclusive especially when we think we have our points mapped out.  However, our theme for this awesome month of my birth is us asking God to intercept and take full control of our lives… more like asking God to take the wheels.


Many of us have heard the saying “Let God” but personally one of the most difficult prayers to pray that I have found out is that which Jesus prayed on the cross in Matthew 26:39-42.  It is a prayer of total submission to a greater cause.  It is one thing to ask God to intercept and take full control but then are we ready to yield to Him taking over?  The bible is filled with many examples of interceptions which were all divinely orchestrated and I can only imagine what could have happened if the main actors had not yielded.


A young innocent bride known as Mary was on her way to be married.  She had been engaged and was looking forward to her day at the altar to be joined before everyone when her life was intercepted, and she was with a child; a child that was not for her husband.  Mary yielded herself despite the shame that might have befallen her.  Luke 1: 27-38.


A serial persecutor and killer of the disciples of Christ.  His name was Saul.  He was merciless and went after both males and females; and was insatiable.  On one of his murderous journeys on the road to Damascus, he was intercepted by Jesus Himself and that encounter left him shaken but ready to yield to the call.  Acts 9.


A seasoned craftsman, a fisherman of repute who knew his onions.  The Bible records that Simon was actually washing his nets to signify it was probably the end of his working day when he was intercepted by Jesus Christ who got into his boat and asked him to push off a bit whilst he taught the multitude.  Thereafter, Jesus asked him to launch further and let down his nets for a catch.  Even though he knew it was the end of the day, he still yielded and had a never before result.  Luke 5: 1-11


The major thing that stood out for me in these examples is that they were all called unto an assignment that predates them.  They all had no knowledge of the assignment or the roles they would play but the common thing they all did was to yield and let God.  This tells me that not all interceptions are a waste, and we ought to welcome these disruptions as apart of God’s grand scheme in things for His will to be done.  Afterall in Romans 8: 28 we are reminded that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.


The question now is are we able to hear when He calls to intercept us?  What is the true state of our hearts and are we willing to give up control to let God?  Are we so obsessed with orderliness that we are only willing to relinquish part of the control to God?


Whether you are at the start of a major life event like Mary, or at a midpoint in your daily interactions like Saul (Paul) or even at the end of the day kind of position in your career life, we need to always know that we are all players in God’s grand plan and asking Him to take the wheels is not just enough; we ought to give the whole car unto Him to drive us safely to the destination He knows.


This article is written by Dr. Ebunoluwa Patrick


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