To reach your fruitfulness, do you not think you need to have virtue and be faithful?

It is when you can be trusted that you can be given more. If you are not faithful with little, if you cannot be trusted with something small, how much more the bigger picture?


To be faithful means to be loyal and steadfast. To say you are trustworthy means you are honest, who can be depended on and who is also truthful.In the world we are in, everyone wants to gain each other’s trust, but it is usually not everyone you can trust or can be trusted. Can you be trusted by God? Can God trust you with other people’s lives? Can God trust you with His Purpose & Vision for your own life?


Would it be possible for you to obey God that you cannot see? We all want to be fruitful, but are we already to follow, obey, and take every step of the way God has mapped out for us to reach our fruitfulness? Or are you thinking that you can be fruitful without God, you can get there without God?


We all need virtue and a faithful heart on our journey to fruitfulness.

Have an amazing Month.

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