Most of us, if not all, need some kind of breakthrough, whether in our own life or that of a loved one or a friend.

Breakthrough is defined as the act, result, or place of breaking through against resistance, as in warfare or an offensive, military operation through an enemy defence system.

We have one of our greatest enemies, who is very real, an adversary called the devil. We need to rise up, take our place and realise that we have been given the authority over him. Luke 10:19, ‘I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you’. If we are not aware of this truth, this authority can be stolen, lost or abused.


It is also important to note that the devil isn’t the only enemy we have to contend with when it comes to breaking through. Others could be ourselves, worry, doubt, fear, excuses etc.


When we need a breakthrough, we need to turn to God in prayer. Prayer is an acknowledgement of our own weakness and total dependency on God’s help to give us victory. For our prayer to be answered, our lives need to be aligned to God’s plans and purposes. It’s hard to ask God for a breakthrough when we are living outside of His plans and purposes. A breakthrough is God waiting on us to respond in obedience to what He has already commanded and already promised.


There are no set keys for breakthrough. Every breakthrough is unique and has its own key(s). The first point to knowing which key(s) to use is to pray. When we pray according to God’s will, He gives us clear instructions (keys) to follow. As we listen and respond to these instructions, we should ask for discernment, trust Him and follow His leading, especially when it seems unusual. Read through the scriptures and remember His promises. If led to, find someone or others who will agree with you in prayer.


As you pray, obey and lean on His promises, you can overcome the problems that have plagued you for years. You can also release God’s miracles in the lives of your loved ones and friends.


No matter what need you or your loved ones may be facing today, I encourage you to obey God and believe His promises as you pray. When you have done your part, stand in faith, never give up and watch God work mightily on your behalf!

Thank you for reading!

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