The act of setting a table connotes intentionality and purpose. A table usually is set for the enjoyment of guests; family, friends, co-workers or just someone who would delight in the items placed on the table. After a table has been set, it is often not hidden but placed in sight of its recipients.

As dearly beloved children of God, our heavenly father invites us to feast from the table He has deliberately fashioned for us (see Psalms 23:5 and 2 Samuel 9:1-13). You see, God had ‘you’ yes, ‘you’ in mind when He set this table (take a deep breath, relax and let this sink in). He had the perfect image of the table in His mind; He knew and knows all the things you need, like and relish and has placed them all on the table. He also knows your ‘allergies’ and as a result, such items have been omitted from the table. Nonetheless, He has lovingly placed some ‘surprises’ on the table so that you can try them out; He created you and knows that you would enjoy them even though you’ve never tried them before.


Now all He is asking is that you walk straight to the table in front of you and begin feasting. Do not let guilt, undeservedness or condemnation keep you away from this delectable spread. Feast till you’re satisfied for He derives pleasure in your enjoyment.


Thank you for reading!

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