The Trustees and congregation of Love Assembly decided in the interest of our public trust and integrity, not to proceed further in the purchase of the former NHS Edge Hill property (aka Crosfield Community Centre).


The property was valued by a certified surveyor and found to be worth less than the asking price (it was precisely valued at £87,500 less than the asking price!).


The Trustees of Love Assembly Liverpool considers purchasing this property at a price much higher than its certified estimated market value, would be financial recklessness and a misappropriation of public funds, which will also be in violation of the guidelines of the Charities Commission UK – the regulating body of all registered Charity organisations in the UK.


We appreciate and greatly value all the generous and freewill donations made by our congregation together with all the lovely kind hearted people who believe in all the good works we do in our immediate community and city of Liverpool.


Negotiations with the vendors have reached a point where it would be wise to look for a worthy property to purchase, unless a viable compromise is agreed later.


Thanks for your continued trust and belief in all we do at Love Assembly Liverpool.

We would be keeping all our service users updated on developments.

Abundant blessings.

Pastor, Love Assembly Liverpool


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