In ages past, the sword, the javelin, the axe and similar instruments were used as weapons of war. Any soldier worth his salt was adept at using one or the other. But for those that were especially gifted, agile and focused they used a different kind of weapon. They needed to have really good eyesight and remain calm under pressure to hit targets near or far accurately during battles; they used the bow and arrow – they were the Warrior Archers.

Watching an archer use his bow and arrow, one would be forgiven to think it is an easy feat to accomplish. They set a target at a point, regardless of distance, weather conditions or terrain and aim to get that arrow to hit that point showing a form of marksmanship many can only hope to attain.


But it isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes, skill, diligence, experience and many other small but significant factors to hit a target. Little wonder, we see David, inspired by the Holy Spirit in Psalm 127, declare that ‘…children are like arrows and a man is blessed when his quiver is full of them…’


Life involves fighting battles against unseen forces and the family is the form God has chosen to fight and win this battle.


The family is the smallest unit of every society. God created the foundation of the family structure; a man and a woman coming together to produce children. The importance of families cannot be overemphasized. Once the structure of a family is destroyed, it doesn’t take long for the structure of that society to be destroyed as well.


God has always been interested in families. When He wanted to bless a nation, he did via families. Abraham, Aaron, Moses, David etc. In fact, His work of salvation is even wrought in families.  One of the most important revelations He made to the world was His name “Father”; and those who accept Jesus’ sacrifice, He makes them His Children. This is why the enemy – the devil attacks families.


The value of Children: Children are a blessing in spite of how negatively most of society might portray them to be. They are prepared by God to continue battles which their parents have fought; takeover new territory and create an environment where God’s will is done. However, children that are left to their own devices, not corrected or trained are like arrows that have been made from bad or defective materials, unprepared and wobbly or bent. They may never hit their target.


The measure of a Parent: Parents are like warriors. They must possess the strength, vision and determination to launch their children at the desired target. They must also aim accurately and time their launch intuitively. They cannot afford to miss! There is much training, and preparation involved. These include many nights of tears, days of laughter, ups and downs. They are not to be distracted but remain focused, if they must hit their target. With all of these, if there is no target none of this would mean a thing. Archers need to know the target and prepare their arrows accordingly.


After reading this, you may realize that your family left you bent or maybe you’re realizing you’re creating or have created a family that would never hit its target; don’t despair.


God invites you to His family. God planned ahead and created The Church. The Church is the new family where you can be prepared if you didn’t get any of this training from your biological family. And even if you did, it would never have been perfect. God calls you into His family as a joint-heir with His Son Jesus. He wants to be your Father, train and equip you to reach targets that you never thought possible. He is the Great Archer, with Him, you will be re-created to hit your target; to win.


God channels His Blessing via Families.

Be blessed


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