As a Christian you hear a lot about how walking by Faith is the most important trait. You get the different scripture quotes such as the “the just shall live by Faith”, “without Faith it is impossible to please God” and so on. It sometimes came across as if Faith is some abstract entity we pick up when we want something from God and drop off when we seemingly have all we need at that point in time.

This is however no longer the case the more I see life’s realities. I realised that our Christian faith is not some sort of resource we pick up as an when we need; it is rather a way of life. This way of life is not a façade or an act we put up. It is something we need to continually immerse ourselves into daily until we get to the point where our lives are completely embedded in it.

We begin to understand that Faith is not just about getting what we want but more about knowing who our God is, and for what purpose he has created you. Understanding that us being created in God’s image is more about God and less about our human flesh; and Faith is the only bridge we have connecting our humanity to his divinity.

When you come to that understanding, Faith no longer becomes an abstract entity that we need to hone in. It becomes the very nature of God in us that drives us closer to him. It is God’s gift to us for which Jesus had to die and be resurrected for us to receive.

So as Christians yes we walk by Faith and not be sight, because we ought to be in a state of constant expectation of God’s divinity to show up in our every day lives. Hence, we do the little we can to allow this by continuously communicating with the Father through Prayer. Continuously studying scriptures not just for head knowledge but with the intent of truly knowing our maker because that way we really get to know who we are. Lastly submitting our entire lives to him from the most mundane to the most extraordinary; and letting ourselves see God in the midst of it all.

This way come what may, we are know that we are God’s and God is within us. As long as our lives are in constant connect with divinity so is our pain and our struggle our challenges our goals and ambitions; then we can then see for ourselves that “the light shines in darkness and darkness did not comprehend it (John 1:5)” and that right there is the miracle of our giant slaying faith.


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