To be a Giant Slayer, I need to have a renewed mind and know who I am in Christ Jesus.  Romans 12: 1-2

To have a giant slaying faith means to be courageous when faced with life challenges [Goliath] and also knowing who I am in Christ and at the same time holding on to His promises concerning my life.

I also have to ensure I do not forget my past encounters with God and all He has done for me in the past.  [1 Samuel 17:37].

It is also important that I do not listen to external voices but listen to God’s voice.

The essence of understanding giant slaying faith is this: Jesus has already defeated the giant. Satan has been bound and he no longer has the power to deceive us as believers. Satan’s power is but a sham and a fraud. He can play his little tricks with our emotions, and he can raise up difficulties to perplex us, but his power to destroy us has been broken. We can act in confidence that God will use our efforts to continue the advancement of His kingdom. If God is for us, who can be against us!

– Debbie Adewusi.


Giant slaying faith to me is the faith I need to overcome my fears and obstacles in life. What people consider as giants varies depending on the level of their faith by virtue of their walk with God or capacity by virtue of battles fought in time past.

Before major breakthroughs in my life I have always had a giant to conquer. As the levels got higher it seemed like the giants increased but that showed me that I had increased capacity to face the giants. Just like in the situation of the Israelites there were giants in their promise land, but this situation eventually worked out together for their good.

1 Corinthians 16: 9 talks about a great door for effective work being opened to me, even though there are many who oppose me.

The giants can sometimes come in the form of DEPRESSION when the enemy wants me to focus on the natural instead of God’s Word to release God’s supernatural. Satan May be the orchestrator of the issues and people who appear as the giants in our lives standing in between us and our promise, but God holds the regulator so that we are not tempted or challenged with something that is too big for us to carry, Hebrews 11 talks about the elders obtaining the promise by faith and patience, sometimes the giants don’t go immediately, it takes a season to win the battle but the joy when it’s won is not often just the victory obtained but the person we become when we come out on the other side of the battle. This correlates directly with the verse of scripture that talks about a weight of glory to be released that far exceeds the light affliction at the time but it’s important that I have been careful to not abort my seasons and waste my battles and give up fighting before my victory comes.

God is committed to seeing me win as a good Father, but I am committed to trusting Him to carry me through as a son that believes His plans for me are good.

– Gerald Okeahialam


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